The Division for External Relations and Resource Development is responsible for implementing the University administration's policies in advancing and developing the University's external affairs in Israel and abroad and for obtaining resources to fund the University's various activities.  The Division steadily cultivates and maintains its Friends Associations and its pool of donors in Israel and abroad, compiles project proposals, and organizes events and visits.

It operates the Communications and Media Department that is dedicated to developing the University's contacts with the media and producing promotional and publicity materials for distribution in Israel and abroad.

The Division also coordinates the Executive Committee work and the activities of the Board of Governors committees, as well as the Board of Governors annual meeting

The Division's Functions

*Fundraising: grants, and donations

 *Maintaining and expanding the pool of donors and funds in Israel and abroad

*Developing and increasing the University's Friends in Israel and abroad

*Coordinating the Board of Governors activities and organizing its annual meeting

*Coordinating the University's Executive Committee and Audit Committee

*Managing the Communication and Media Relations Department

*Producing University events and ceremonies

*Organizing campus tours and visits

*Composing marketing proposals

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