Division of the Presidency and External Relations

Getting to know your colleagues

 Sofia Rivo - Coordinator, Events and Visits Unit, Israel


Ellen Drazner - Director of fundraising, Canada


Sherri Morr - West Coast Region Director, ASUH


Michael Messinger -  Executive Director, International Resource Development, Israel


Larry Geiger - Assistant Director, ASUH



Daniel Chvika - Executive Director, France



Hetty Shapiro - Executive Director, Canada


Karen Berman - CEO, ASUH



 Ilan Yavelberg - Director of Communication & Media, Israel  


Ela Kehat  - Coordinator, Division of Communications and Media Relations, Israel


Carolyn Keller - New England Region Director, ASUH



 Dr. Dalia Perl-OlshvangCEO, Israeli Friends


External Relations and Resource Development Unit
Rachel Kaverman, Executive Director; Mili Snir Kupperman - Coordinator, Ortal Reznik - DRM coordinator


Keren YitzhakiPersonal Assistant to the Vice President for External Relations



 Yariv M. Sultan - Vice President, Development & External Relations


 Maury Greenberg - English Proposal and Grant Writer



Office of International Resource Development - Rotem Barkan - Coordinator of International Resource Development, Leora Ronel - Projects Coordinator, Yael Abrahami - Office Coordinator


Leslie Perlberg - Director of Resource Development Projects


 Riky GoldsteinAssistant to the CEO, Israeli Friends